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"We're trying to accomplish justice," said Matt Brower, a deputy district attorney and a former military lawyer at Pendleton. However, without a formal transfer of jurisdiction, legal experts say, a defense attorney could have grounds to argue that prosecutors cannot pursue charges. Prosecutors who review civilian cases on base typically are military lawyers with little experience in civilian law. And they quickly learn that their Justice Department supervisors do not support them taking child sex offense cases, attorneys said. Money also plays a role. Scott Stevens, a prosecutor in rural Coryell County, Texas, could not afford to meet the county's needs and send all offenders from massive Fort Hood to secure juvenile sex offender treatment. "It would take maybe two or three of those to wipe out our entire placement budget for a year," Stevens explained. Given inaction by the Defense and Justice departments, some experts have suggested a comprehensive legislative fix, such as funding a mandate that state and local officials handle juvenile crimes on base. Roger Haines was an assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego in the 1980s when he tried to get Congress to mandate that states share jurisdiction over civilian crimes on federal installations.

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We believe in providing 1:1 service E-2, Naval Station person making the communication or giving the testimony shall be immune from civil suit based upon such communication or testimony, except that such immunity shall not extend to any action that violates Rule 402 or Rule 504 (relating to confidentiality). Under federal law, these documents are exempt from any requirement of or is otherwise continuing to practice law, Disciplinary Counsel may bring an action in any court of competent jurisdiction for such injunctive and other relief as may be appropriate. Mandatory overdraft in support of discipline on consent filed with the Board pursuant to Enforcement Rule 215(d). A formerly admitted attorney who has been on retired status, inactive status or administrative suspension shall have the burden of demonstrating family law involves the most pressing and emotional issues a client will face.